NCR Radiant Pulse

Want access to actionable information anytime, anywhere?

Pulse is a versatile mobile application that leverages POS data to provide actionable, real-time information to a user’s smartphone. Operators experience the nirvana of knowing exactly what is going on in their business regardless of where or when.

Pulse Real Time

Real Time gives you instant access to your latest sales numbers and highlights interesting and unusual behavior so you can take immediate action. The following information is now at your fingertips:

  • Sales comparisons and forecasting
  • High-volume sales data
  • Sales categorized by type, hour and register
  • Grant users only the access they require to perform their jobs and remove former users instantly to maintain system security
  • Video monitoring
  • Transaction-level detail

Pulse News Feed

Pulse News Feed lets you know when interesting things happen in your store. No need to configure, these system generated news articles are based on your historical sales. Find out when:

  • Promo materials not posted at store
  • Clerk is not promoting item properly
  • Item not in stock

Pulse Promo

You go through a lot of work to setup a promo, but if your store does not execute, you can see sales fall flat. Now, you can see in real time how your stores are performing to address issues like:

Pulse Forecourt Manager

Forecourt Manager allows operators to have full visibility of their fuel business. It helps ensure maximum uptime, throughput and efficiency with real-time information, including:

  • Fuel flow rates
  • Misconfigured pumps
  • Failing or offline pump hardware
  • Tank inventory and water level