Retail Systems Manager

NCR Retail Systems Manager

NCR Retail Systems Manager (RSM) retail software makes supporting NCR solutions much easier. Combined with NCR's industry-leading services capabilities, RSM retail software increases store system availability and streamlines the support process.

Target the issue

RSM retail software monitors POS terminals and peripherals for potential trouble spots, filtering information through thresholding software and providing alerts on conditions that require attention.

Rapid resolution

Precise and timely information is key to resolving an issue immediately or getting the right customer service engineer to the store with the right part. Extensive diagnostic capabilities enable NCR to further determine the nature of the alert remotely and facilitate rapid resolution. RSM reports error conditions and can also correlate events to the state-of-health of the device.

Take control

Remote control capabilities are provided via a standard web browser to the store system. This provides the support team a full range of tools – from informational messages to complete system control – to diagnose and resolve any system issue in real time.