Scales & Scanners

Grocery Scanner/Scales

Magellan 9800i Scanner/Scale

Datalogic, the global leader in high volume retail checkout scanning, has created the next generation scanner for high volume checkouts. The new Magellan 9800i scanner is the world’s first bar code scanner driven completely by high performance digital imaging, resulting in the ability to increase checkout performance in the world’s busiest checkout environments.

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Magellan 8500Xt In-Counter Scanner/Scale

The Magellan 8500Xt scanner/scales are the culmination of recent developments by Datalogic ADC in high-performance fixed position scanning for the Retail Industry. No other bar code scanner designed for high volume retail performs better, has better reliability, or has the combination of features that translate into a measurable Return on Investment (ROI) than the Magellan 8500Xt products.

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NCR RealScan 74 Hybrid Scanner/Scale

With its compact, low-profile footprint this high-performance scanner/scale is ideal for space-constrained checkouts and seated cashier environments. It aggressively decodes traditional 1D bar coded items as well as manages 2D bar codes and mobile devices, through NCR hybrid technology that couples laser scan lines with the latest in imaging.

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NCR RealScan 78 Hybrid Scanner/Scale

NCR’s hybrid technology couples laser scan lines with the latest in imaging technology to provide you with a high-performance scanner that can not only aggressively decode your traditional 1D bar coded items, but also manage 2D bar codes and mobile devices. This hybrid technology creates a seamless scanning interaction for both assisted service cashiers and consumers at self-checkout.

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NCR RealScan 84 Single Window Scanner

The NCR RealScan 84 Hybrid Scanner is the highest performing scanner in its category. This scanner is ideal for mid- to high volume transaction environments such as specialty, drug, convenience and grocery stores. It uses NCR hybrid technology, which couples laser scan lines with the latest in imaging technology, to aggressively decode traditional 1D bar coded items as well as manage 2D bar codes for mobile devices.

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