NCR RealScan 84 Single Window Scanner

NCR RealScan 84 Single Window Scanner

The NCR RealScan 84 Hybrid Scanner is the highest performing scanner in its category. This scanner is ideal for mid- to high volume transaction environments such as specialty, drug, convenience and grocery stores. It uses NCR hybrid technology, which couples laser scan lines with the latest in imaging technology, to aggressively decode traditional 1D bar coded items as well as manage 2D bar codes for mobile devices.

Improves checkout productivity with hybrid technology

An aggressive 30-line omnidirectional laser scan pattern pairs with an advanced 2D bar code imaging system to enable a hybrid technology that allows the laser and imager to work in conjunction when searching out bar codes. When confronted with problem labels, the high-performance scan pattern and imager quickly recognizes and corrects label defects, using NCR’s patented PACESETTER® software. The scanner passes on the information regardless of which technology detects the bar code first; there are no buttons to push or scanning modes to worry about. The 2D bar code scanner offers the flexibility of accepting mobile coupons and mobile loyalty as well as driver’s licenses, while the high-performance lasers carry the bulk of your daily scanning. This hybrid technology improves productivity for both new and experienced cashiers.

Offers an intuitive cashier interface

To make it even easier to use, the cashier interface offers a customizable scan advisor with five bright LEDs that communicate scanner status and successful scans.

Provides a robust scanning solution

This scanner offers flexibility for any environment, with its industry standard footprint and options for vertical or horizontal mounting. It also offers a terminal power option and auxiliary RS-232 and USB ports for more connectivity.

Key Features:

  • Hybrid Imaging and Laser technology for 1D, 2D and mobile bar codes
  • Flexible configurations for vertical or horizontal installations
  • Intuitive, color LED scan advisor
  • Scan Doctor patented spoken voice diagnostics
  • Audio Volume and pitch adjustment
  • PACESETTER® advanced bar code decoding