NCR Selfserv 70

NCR SelfServ 70

The NCR SelfServ™ 70 is a retail kiosk solution that meets the needs of both consumers and deployers. The retail kiosk allows customers to complete payment transactions in the most simple and time-saving manner possible.

Provides innovative customer service

Onsite/in-store bill payment accounts for up to 40 percent of customer service activity because many consumers desire to pay their bills at a physical location instead of through mail or online.

Drives top-line growth

NCR SelfServ 70 shortens customer wait time, allowing deployers to recover payments from consumers who might otherwise have become frustrated and walked away.

Maximizes efficiency

NCR SelfServ 70 allows deployers to get more for the labor dollar. Rather than accepting payments, staff can now be redeployed to perform revenue-generating activities on the sales floor. The kiosk is easy to use, accepts multiple tenders and ties directly into the point of sale.