Panasonic System Manager Pro

Panasonic System Manager Pro Software Suite

Perhaps our most robust back office software solution to date, Panasonic System Manager Pro (SMP) consolidates your workstation data to provide a nearly complete view of your operation. With report generating capabilities that allow real-time access to vital business information such as sales data, time and attendance, inventory, and more, Panasonic SMP will help you manage your operation more easily and efficiently than ever.

Panasonic's System Manager Pro (SMP) is a management software package that allows you to bridge the gap from front-of-house to any remote location for consolidated management.

SMP allows you to utilize the integrated credit/gift card swipe in conjunction with transaction processing service from either Southern DataComm or Merchant Link.

Enforce local minor labor laws with flexible schedules and functions to alert managers when employees are approaching violation or overtime.


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