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Maitre’D QSR DataBoard Mobile App

The DataBoard® App is a real-time business monitoring and alerts tool that provides all the critical business performance metrics that ultimately impact profitability. This mobile application allows restaurant managers to proactively run restaurant operations remotely or on site using their smart phones.

Dashboard and Reports

Upon logging into the application, a dashboard appears with your most important business metrics is at your fingertips. Keep an eye on your sales, costs, voids, promotions and labor as these key performance indicators are updated in real time, allowing you to drill down into any of these reports for details, and take action immediately when required.

A Call button allows you to contact the restaurant immediately with a single touch and without exiting the application. With a single touch, view yesterday’s performance or use the calendar to view a snapshot of any other day.


Make timely decisions when they matter most with the help of real time alerts. Customize alerts on sales, costs, voids, promotions and labor. Alerts and thresholds can be customized to meet your specific operational needs.

Multi-Unit Organizations

The DataBoard® app is scalable to help manage your growing business. You can add, monitor and receive customized alerts for any number of restaurants.

Technical Specifications:

Supports Apple iPhone 4 – 4s – 5, Apple iPad 1-2-3, Android phones and tablets (v.3.1 or higher)

Works with Maitre’D 7.05 HF88 or higher, and Maitre’D 8.0 HF28 or higher.

Download the application directly from your marketplace for free.


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