Maitre'd Kitchen Video System

Maitre’D Kitchen Video System for Quick Service Restaurants

The CVM Kitchen Video Monitor is a kitchen video system that relays counter and drive-thru orders to kitchen staff in an accurate and timely manner. This practical kitchen video system utilizes color in the displayed orders, which simplifies order preparation, and decreases the average time it takes to complete an order. Maitre’D’s Color Video Monitor (CVM) system is one of the most comprehensive, cost effective, and efficient monitor systems available, because it is designed with the need for simplicity and ease of operation in mind.

Bump Box features

  • 1-8 Keys: A larger number 1 provides an easy target to bump the order in the number 1 position
  • 4 order screen mode: Useful when orders tend to be larger
  • 8 order screen mode
  • Split screen mode: Used to visually separate drive-thru orders from front counter orders
  • Summary screen mode: Displays 7 orders and a summary box containing a quantity summary of all menu items from all orders on the monitor
  • Recall: Allows users to recall up to 100 orders that have been bumped
  • Preview: Allows users to preview up to 100 orders in the incoming buffer
  • Restore: Allows users to quickly return the screen to normal mode
  • Park mode: Provides the ability to "PARK" a customer from the drive-thru window. This mode changes the color of the elapsed time box to show that the customer is parked and waiting for an order to be prepared

Order options

Allows changes to be made to the information that the CVM kitchen video monitor will display with each new order and provides the ability to change font size. CVM can display a monitor name, average order time, server name, menu name, mode name, and dollar amount. The “On the fly” feature will transmit items to the CVM system as you enter them.


Enables or disables functional aspects of the CVM software. Ability to program user access to the 4 bump bar functions, as well as statistics, font size changes, and screen redirection.


Displays service times which can be printed on a network printer. The typical kitchen video system report includes the number of orders, average time per order, and the number of orders over/under the programmed time.


Allows the operator to redirect any of the CVM monitors to a different monitor. This feature is useful when running multiple cooking stations during peak times and switch to 1 station during slow times.

Advanced features

Split screen mode is a practical feature for visually separating drive-thru orders from front counter orders. Drive-thru orders can be designated by employee configuration or by workstation number. Also, drive-thru orders can be set to appear on the top or bottom half of the CVM screen.

  • Display either long or short descriptions
  • Ability to display the server name in each order

Target time

Ability to set ideal preparation time for an order, entered by number of seconds. If an order has not been bumped by the time the target time is reached, the time status box turns red and begins to flash. CVM also provides the ability to display average order time on the screen.

CVM Utility

The CVM Utility program was designed to offer both end users and installers a simple method of programming and maintaining the CVM video monitor system. The CVM Utility program allows you to connect with, change, and store options for all CVM devices in the system using the Maitre’D PC network.

In addition, the POS program offers control of Monitor Redirection and a CVM program loader for system upgrades. The Utility program also lists all connected CVM devices and the programming options. Each CVM has its own unique set of options, including the ability to customize the colors of the CVM screen. Designed with .NET technologies, the CVM is sure to offer greater flexibility.


  • Each CVM device communicates via standard network connection to Maitre’D
  • The CVM system can support up to a maximum of 10 monitors
  • The CVM program interface comes standard with the Maitre’D software suite