NEC Kitchen Video System

NEC QSR Kitchen Video System

NEC's Kitchen Video System will exceed your needs in Hospitality

Flexibility is essential in your Quick Serve operation, as is customization. NEC’s simple setup and user-friendly menus allow you to customize the Kitchen Video System (KVS) to meet your ever changing requirements. Our KVS offers many features to help streamline your operation. Level routing will increase store efficiency according to daily store operations. Speed of service is improved with item routing by destination, exception routing, order park feature, screen color and display overflow. Multi-language capability by item description will assist kitchen staff with order accuracy.

Once again, NEC provides Powerfully Simple, Powerfully Quick solutions for your Quick Serve and Fast Casual operation.

NEC POS Kitchen Video System


  • Multiple screen display modes
  • Send orders on-the-fly, one item delay or after sub-total
  • Flexible Routing by destination, station or kitchen video group number
  • Exception Routing-route special order to specific video
  • Over 150 programmable Time Periods
  • Time Limit warning feature, programmable by second
  • Item Routing by destination
  • Sorting capability allows you to sort main item or condiment by option
  • Item can be programmed to route in 5 different ways by level
  • Park Orders when additional prep time is needed
  • Programmable Message by Color
  • Programmable Screen Color by Video
  • Cancel, Change Order, Eat-In, Take-Out, etc.
  • Recall paid orders
  • User-Friendly Menus offer easy system configuration