Future POS Colorado - TabbedOut

Tired of waiting in line to pay your bill? Now with Future POS and TabbedOut you don't have to! TabbedOut allows your customers to pay their tabs all by themselves!

Easy to Download and Setup TabbedOut

Now available for the iPhone and iPod Touch via the App Store, the TabbedOut application (developed by ATX Innovation) securely stores the user's credit or debit card information directly onto their phone! There is no need for users to create a new account, all payment information is protected by encryption, and the use of the application for purchases is password protected. Could they make it any easier?

Finding Locations

TabbedOut finds the closest locations to the user based on GPS information provided by the user's phone, or even a manual search of specific venues is also right at your fingertips! Don't have an iPhone or iPod? No problem! Android and Blackberry versions are currently under development for near term availability!

Open, Review, and Pay Tabs

TabbedOut integrates directly with Future POS in a restaurant or bar in a way that allows users to open a tab, and review the details for accuracy directly from their smart phone. Customers just select the location to close out, enter any tips, and select their stored payment method. Once a tab is paid, it's closed and both the Customer (notified via their handset), and the server (via their Future POS terminal) receive confirmation that the payment was successful.

Enjoy the Freedom

Customers can receive copies of their receipts to any email address of their choice, look through a complete history of previous purchases, and even resend previous receipts via email.

Future POS and TabbedOut give customers exactly what they want in this new age of technology; Convenience, Security, Control, and most importantly, Simplicity!