iPad POS

Future POS Colorado - iPad and Handheld Devices

Wireless tableside ordering using any handheld device

Future POS Handheld Devices will provide your workforce with increased efficiency and mobility while giving your customers faster service. Handheld Devices are similar to a Future POS terminal, only portable. Our handheld units are very straight forward to operate. Employees can enter orders and complete any other tasks they would normally do by using the same buttons they would see on a Future POS Terminal.

Full version of Future POS

If you are using Future POS on our handheld devices, you are getting the same robust software with all the identical options and functionality that the conventional terminals have. The only difference between handhelds and a regular terminal is that you can take Future POS where ever you need to go with a handheld unit.

Place Order at Table

Our handheld devices permit users to place an order directly from a customer's table. This will save your wait staff time, give your customers faster service, and allow you to bring in more money. Do you have a busy take out or fast food establishment that frequently has long lines? You can use our handheld devices to take customers' orders as they wait in line.

Take Credit Card Payments

Future POS Handheld Devices let employees receive credit card payments and print receipts right from the handheld unit.