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Restaurant Manager - Inventory Control & Stock Counters

Increase Profit Margins by Reducing Your Inventory Costs

Restaurant Manager™ Inventory Control gives you a detailed understanding of consumption so you can implement procedures that eliminate theft and waste in addition to tracking inventory depletion while saving thousands of dollars. With robust functionality, as well as a basic Stock Counter mode that provides many of the benefits of full-blown Inventory Control without all the hassle, our Inventory Control module can provide a terrific ROI.

Accurate tracking of profit margins ensures prices are appropriate and helps you identify which high margin items deserve special promotion with your customers. And up-to-date comparisons between your multiple suppliers allow you to identify the vendor who offers the best quality at the lowest cost. Restaurant Manager’s Inventory Control Module gives you easy access to accurate inventory information, keeping you more informed so you can make better decisions. And like all Restaurant Manager applications, the Inventory Control module is intuitive and easy to use.

From variance reports to par level or re-order reports, the Inventory Control module provides all the reports you need to effectively manage your inventory. One of the most useful reports helps you manage your menu for maximum revenue enhancement, identifying menu items with high margins that should be promoted and menu items with low margins where the recipe should be adjusted or the price recalculated.

Restaurant Inventory Control Made Easy with Stock Counters

Restaurant Manager also realizes that managing a full-blown Inventory Control system requires a significant investment of time and resource. For a busy manager or owner this often takes a back seat managing day-to-day operations. That’s why our basic Stock Counter mode is included in Inventory Control, takes only minutes to configure and provides:

  • On-demand, real-time stock and item counts from any POS station
  • Visibility into inventory variances
  • Detailed reports to help hold employees accountable

When items aren’t tracked properly there is no way to hold employees accountable for stock that goes missing through carelessness, neglect or even outright theft and give-aways. Don’t accept the loss of profit from just one or two beers per day or a few steaks per week!

With Restaurant Manager Counters, every food and drink item sold is linked to a simple counter that specifies the key ingredient used and the exact quantity called for each time an item is served.

At any time a report listing the exact amount of product that should have been prepared can quickly be generated from any POS station or from the back office. When this total is compared to an on-the-fly stock count variances are instantly spotted. And because it works in real time as soon as an item is added to a guest check (even items on open tabs and tables) are included in the report so you know exactly which employee is responsible for any variances.


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